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Privacy Policy & Legal Notice

ROSS, ROSS Recruit Better Spend Less and Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions are registered trademarks of Pinnacle Workforce Inc.

Thank you for choosing to use our services.

We never sell your personal information or email address to any 3rd party organization.

Any résumé, profile or enquiry you are about to provide us and the information contained therein will be added to our applicant and customer database. We use this database to obtain names of persons potentially interested in a job or contract offer. We never disclose your résumé or your personal information to anyone without your prior consent. When we receive notice of a job or contract requirement, we review our applicant database and attempt to find prospective applicants who may be interested in such an opportunity. Once we compile this list, we proceed to contact each applicant to canvass their interest and, to the extent they are and provide consent, we provide their name and their résumé to the prospective employer.

We will retain a copy of your résumé and your personal information until such time as you request us to remove such information from our applicant database. You may do so at any time by sending an e-mail to the following address